Inspired by Knowledge and Innovation

Codekids Perth (Codekids Pty Ltd/Codekids Australia) is a fast-growing STEM education and technology start-up company in Perth, Australia. It is an exciting and vibrant place for children to learn computer coding and computer science.

Codekids admires knowledge and innovation. Therefore, we ensure that we include the outstanding internationally-recognised educational resources from Ivy League schools within our curriculum for our students in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. We offer coding and computer science courses across 9 levels based on age appropriateness and learning potential.

The first course for our students is called “Creative  Computing (age: 6+)”. Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing by drawing upon students’ creativity, imagination, and interests. It also lays a solid foundation for our students to learn an advanced programming language, such as Python and C++.

For example, our 7 year old student Kevin starts learning Scratch (Lv1) in the spring 2020, he will start learning Python (Lv7) when he turns 9 year old. He will be well ahead in computer science and coding when he starts in high school.

When kids learn code, they are not only learning the language of technology. They are learning new ways to think and bring ideas to life. This is why we are so excited and proud about what we are doing.

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Codekids offers high-quality and kid-friendly Coding programs for the success of our students in 2030 and beyond.