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What is creative computing?

Creative computing centres on creativity and computational thinking, which emphasises the knowledge, practices, and fundamental literacies that young people need to create the types of dynamic and interactive computational media that they enjoy in their daily lives.

Engaging in the creation of computational artifacts not only prepares young people for careers as computer scientists or programmers, it also supports young people’s development as computational thinkers – individuals who can draw on computational concepts, practices, and perspectives in all aspects of their lives, across a variety of disciplines and contexts.

Why choose Codekids and creative computing subject?

This subject is the first core subject for most of our students. Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing by drawing upon students’ creativity, imagination, and interests. It also lays a solid foundation for our students to learn an advanced programming language, such as Python and C++.

For example, our 7 year old student Kevin starts learning Scratch (Lv1) in the spring 2020, in two years he will start learning Python (Lv7) when he turns 9 year old. He will be well ahead in computer science and coding when he starts in high school.

The Codekids Creative Computing curriculum is designed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is a collection of ideas, strategies, and activities for an introductory creative computing experience using Scratch. In this course, children will learn to create stories, bring animations to life, code musical instruments, design exciting games and control robots.

Inspired by constructionist approaches to learning, the course emphasises the following principles:

What is Scratch?

Scratch is the world’s most popular programming language for primary school children. Scratch’s visual coding blocks makes it particularly useful to learn coding concepts and computational thinking. More experienced children can also benefit from Scratch as we cover more advanced aspects of the language.

No prior coding experience necessary.

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